Share Your World | September 10, 2018

My thoughts for this week’s sparksfromacombustiablemind’s Share Your World

Are you a better listener or speaker?

I’m not a great speaker.  I’m kind of shy and find small talk to be very awkward.  I usually think faster then I speak and leave out words, so really it doesn’t make sense half the time.

I like to listen to people talk.  Especially the generations older than me.  I love listening to their stories.  Their memories.

If you were asked to designed a warning label that would be tattooed on your skin, what would it say?

I’ve had a question similar to this before.  I always quote Taylor Swift and say “I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.”

Pretty accurate…I am a woman after all.   The wind changes direction and so does my mood.  lol!!!

Don’t question it, just roll with it.

What are you passionate about?

Well, shoes for one!  I love them and have more pairs that any one person should own.

But in all seriousness, I am a strong believer that you live this life just once.  You need to be who you are and true to yourself.  And that we need to be more accepting of people’s life choices.  As long as its consensual there is no right or wrong.

What gave you a reason to smile this past week?

These 2 grumpy old men I follow on Twitter make me smile.  Actually they make me laugh…a lot.


One thought on “Share Your World | September 10, 2018

  1. Thanks for sharing your world with us this week! I liked your answers, all of them, but #1 was really cool IMHO….it sort of answered a question posed last week about children and stories…and that raised a lot of talk about whether children even listen to stories any more. Not that you’re a ‘child’..but you have proven that the younger generations do listen and some even appreciate the tales the older ones have to share! 😀


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